1987 Boaterhome

1987 boaterhome - rv motorhome on water

Working for the RV and Camping industry, it’s very interesting when you see videos like this circulate around the Internet. This Boat/Motorhome combo isn’t anything new. It’s been around since 1987 and it’s called a Sport King Boaterhome. A very weird name for a product, but it does make sense.

A 1987 Ford 1 ton van on a custom chassis carrying a 28 foot V-hull boat. This looks like something straight out of the 80s and according to sources online, there were only 21 of the oddly shaped vehicles built.

boaterhome in water

Can you imagine the turn of heads while launching this thing at the ramp?

Acquisition Of FeaturedUsers.com By Izea

It was only August 2012 when I acquired the business FeaturedUsers.com – the first ad serving platform for Twitter profiles. Now, only three months later, it’s gone.

Today it is officially known that ┬ásocial media marketing company Izea has acquired FeaturedUsers.com from myself in a cash+stock option agreement. We have been in negotiations on the deal for the past 30 days and it finally came to an end today. It has been a great pleasure working with CEO Ted Murphy and his team during the transfer. I hope to be able to stop by and see them face to face next time I’m in Orlando.

I honestly hate to see the site go. It had so much potential for more growth if the time and effort was put into it. Ted and his team should have no problem growing the site. Their portfolio already includes sites such as PayPerPost and SocialSpark, so Featured Users fits right in.