Awful service from Dell

My sister received a brand new Dell laptop before she started her freshman year at Murray State University. Within the first two weeks of using it, the screen unexpectedly goes black and won’t come back on. So, she’s stuck at Murray without a laptop to type her papers, check assignments and send her facebook messages. Luckily my mom was nice enough to pass her laptop along temporarily while the problem was being resolved.

So, the broken laptop is at home at the moment. Last week, Dell had a “certified” repairman come out and fix it. I believe he was from a company called Qualcomm. My mom told me that he was a geeky looking guy who had a light on the top of his head. Who wears a light on the top of their head while working on a laptop? I guess Qualcomm does.

The picture below shows what the end result is when Dell sends a geeky repairman with a light on the top of his head to fix your laptop. Can they not snap a simple piece of plastic back together?

Dell Service

As I live two hours away, it’s hard to get alot of details on this issue. If I was at home, I would constantly be on the phone and Dell would have me a new laptop a few days later. It has been nearly two weeks and still no laptop.

The whole point of this post is just to show how bad Dell’s service is out in the field. I’m not saying that Dell is bad though….just the company they hired to come fix our issue.

Edit: My mom said she also found a screw on the floor. I guess that’s the one that was supposed to hold the plastic together. That geeky guy sucks!

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