Dilantin and Keppra

After being on Keppra for a little over two weeks now and still having smaller seizures, it still hasn’t fully absorbed into my system yet, so my doctor ordered an IV of Dilantin yesterday to get it into my body immediately.

Let’s just say it was a painful and miserable experience I thought would last 30 minutes but we ended up staying in the hospital for 4.5 hours. My right hand was swollen, right shoulder was sore, my body was itching and tingling, I felt dizzy, confused, seeing spots and very blurry vision. It was much like the moment when you’re drunk and everything starts spinning before you throw up.

Today has been a much better day, not as dizzy, but still hard to keep my eyes focused on objects.

I’m now on 1500 MG of Keppra and 300 MG of Dilantin daily.


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