My First Seizure

Two weeks ago yesterday on Thursday, September 8, 2011 I had my first Grand Mal seizure.

I left my office around 11:45 AM to grab some lunch at Zaxby’s down the street. After ordering my usual Big Zax Snax Meal with Sweet Tea and extra Zax Sauce, I pulled around to the window to pay.

I had already received my drink, so I was just waiting on my food. I started getting this strange, light headed, dizzy feeling, called an Aura. My eyes were getting very sensitive to the light, my field of vision started to become very blurry and looked much like a kaleidoscope. It was sorta like a deja vu feeling, but miserable.

My left eye started twitching. I knew things were getting bad, so I took preventive measures and placed my truck in Park and told the Zaxby’s cashier to call 911. My left arm started shaking and my body tensed up. The last thing I remember was hearing my truck engine rev up from my legs tensing up and pressing the gas pedal. Thankfully, my truck was not in gear or things could have been gone from bad to worse.

I woke up nearly 10 minutes later on the back of an ambulance confused, upset, not knowing what was going on being asked multiple questions by the lady paramedic. I was told that I had a seizure and was being taken to the hospital for observation.

I was admitted straight to the ER, hooked up to all the machines and given some Ativan as an anticonvulsant. It wasn’t until 6pm that I finally saw the neurologist in the ER and they finally gave me a hospital room about 9:30 PM.

During my two day stay at the hospital I went through a CT scan, MRI and EEG. All returned normal results except the MRI, which showed a spot on my left temporal lobe. My neurologist said this is what’s causing the seizures and we will know more after my follow up appointment and MRI in the coming weeks.

This is a tough time and a challenge for my family and I. Thinking of what could have happened if my truck were not in park or if I had been driving at the time, I’m very lucky.

My drivers license has been revoked for 90+ days after my last seizure and I’m currently working from home in Eddyville. I do not have any immediate plans to be back in Bowling Green, but looking forward to coming back in the coming weeks.

Thank you to all my colleagues who sent cards and came to the hospital to see me. I sincerely appreciate the support and prayers from everyone.

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