Review Of Google Site Kit

Google has recently announced the developer preview launch of Site Kit, a WordPress plugin to show key metrics from Google Search Console, Analytics, AdSense and PageSpeed Insights.

To get started, you must generate OAuth credentials using Google Cloud Platform. It’s a few simple steps of clicking a button and copying and pasting the credentials into the plugin set up fields. You then have to sign in with your Google Account and grant access to Search Console to view information for your domain.

Once verified, you can view the dashboard:

Site Kit by Google Dashboard

You can then start drilling down into more metrics:

And you can see your top ranking keywords by impressions and clicks:

Recently, Google has been taking more measures to help website owners improve their websites. For the first time ever, Google pre-announced a major core algorithm update in June.

My initial thoughts on Site Kit is it will be helpful to site owners who don’t currently use Search Console or the other Google properties. However, I’m still keen to make logging into Search Console a daily to do.

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