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Hey! Welcome to my site and thanks for stopping by. My assumption is you came here looking for an SEMRush coupon code or promo code. You are in luck! I can offer a 14-day money back guarantee…that I guarantee you won’t need because the tool is just that great! That’s a 14-day free trial to SEMRush on the Pro package. If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to pay for it.

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Is SEMRush worth the money?

Yep, it is! SEMRush is my favorite tool to use for all things SEO. The position tracking keeps my keyword rankings updated daily while the site audit monitors all my sites for any errors or suggestions to improve onsite content. One of the most powerful things SEMRush has going for it is the keyword research tool. It has over 9.4 billion keywords in its database! And data for over 450 million domains. Whenever you type in a keyword, you are almost instantly shown the volume and all other related or phrase match keywords. SEMRush is fast! I’ve been using SEMRush for over 6 years and it continues to amaze and impress me with all the tools and resources they provide. They are constantly providing updates to their tools and releasing new features. They listen to user feedback and implement changes that users actually need.

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SEMrush Coupon Code

SEMRush’s New Organic Research Tool

As I said before, SEMRush is continually improving their platform. They listen to the customers and create products that are useful for digital marketers and SEOs. The release of the new Organic Research tool in 2018 has totally changed the platform for the best. Initially, you could only do deep domain research on the root domain, however, with the new Organic Research tool, you can dive deeper into the sub domains for a website. This feature has led me to some sites actually indexing their staging/dev domains to the public web. Yikes!

Here’s an example of when I plug it into the organic research tool. In the three screenshots below you can see a brief overview of the domains SEO performance. Then if you take a deeper dive you can see more in depth charts that show traffic and keyword rankings.




Another useful feature brought in with the new Organic Research tool is the Live Graphs and advanced filtering. For example, on the live graphs, you can run the report by your sub domain, but also, using filtering, you can break it down even further by folder, keyword and even specific SERP features such as reviews, knowledge panel, featured snippet, etc. The cool thing is the graph will update with your changes and filtering. In the old version, this wasn’t possible with sub domains.


Now lets get to Google’s top ranking factor 🙂 You can say what you want. But 10 years later and links are still the #1 ranking factor. It’s been proven through many studies.

SEMRush provides a useful backlinks tool with over 10.2 trillion backlinks and over 6.1 billion URLs crawled each day to get an overall picture of your site’s backlink profile. You can see all the sites linking back to you and filter by many different options. Here’s an example of the backlinks report for You can easily see the source & target url, anchor text, when the link was first seen and if it is still an active link.

New Position Tracking Landscape Report

Released in February 2019, the new landscape report inside of Position Tracking gives you all the data on a dashboard page called Landscape. You get a general overview of your position tracking stats such as visibility, estimated traffic, position changes, etc. You can use the new report to quickly see any changes (good or bad) before diving into the full position tracking tool.

SEMRush position tracking landscape


Now lets get down to the important stuff. First of all, this is an affiliate post that benefits three different parties:

Me: SEMRush is very generous and I get a commission on each sale that I bring to the table. They require that you disclose you receive a monetary amount for each sign up. This is your disclosure and I appreciate you clicking on my link before signing up.

SEMRush: The company gets a new customer and more revenue thanks to me. SEMRush has created a whole suite of very valuable SEO tools. They continue to release updated versions of their platform and deserves to be paid for it.

You: You get an awesome tool to use for SEO and SEM purposes.

Win-Win for all!

Thanks for stopping by and getting your SEMRush coupon code. Now go ahead and give it a whirl and see some amazing data. Begin your keyword or domain research today. Enter the URL of your website below and get some awesome statistics about it:

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