Student Dies After PFT Jump At WKU

It’s really sad when you hear things like this and when it happens right in your hometown or your school, it hits home a little bit more. What would make someone so mad that he/she had to take their own life? There are people who are willing to help and talk to about things like this. I can’t even imagine what would be going through someones head as they were falling from 20 stories.

Here’s the official news release from WKU:

Western Kentucky University Police are investigating the death of 18-year-old freshman Dylan C. Prott, who was found dead early Thursday morning.

WKU Police were notified at 12:26 a.m. on Nov. 9 that Prott, of Louisville, had reportedly leapt from his room window on the 20th floor of Pearce-Ford Tower.

A preliminary report indicates that Prott had disabled a safety device designed to keep the window from opening more than three or four inches. Safety checks of the rooms in Pearce-Ford Tower are conducted on the first Tuesday of every month and the check on Nov. 7 showed the window safety bar in place.

Blood and toxicology tests will be performed by the Warren County Coroner’s Office who will determine the official cause of death. Results of the toxicology test are expected to take 30 to 45 days.

Update: My sources are telling me that this student was taking shrooms last night and running around his floor naked. Students say that he kept running in and out of their dorm rooms. They said he then kept running right through his room and out of the window. His roommate was in the room when it happened.

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