Why everybody needs a good pair of work boots

January 15, 2022

Thorogood American Heritage Crazy Horse Steel Moc Toe Boots

Kaci and I are about to embark on a journey we’ve never been on before. We are selling our house, packing our necessities into a 29 foot travel trailer and living in it while we remodel a 1976 house. You might call us crazy…because we are.

One of the first things we’ll be doing with the house is demolition. We’ll get out our hammers, pry bars and respirators and start to take down every inch of dusty, moldy drywall.

We’ll be on our feet for hours upon hours working from the ceiling down to the floor. Carpet filled with years of dust, mice and rodent feces. Furnace air filters that haven’t been changed since who knows when.

Everybody needs a good pair of solid, well made work boots.

I’ve owned boots my whole life, whether it was a pair of Doc Martins or Justins.

There are many brands, styles and types of work boots on the market today. I started out looking for a pair of Redwing boots, but somehow managed to stumble upon a nice pair of boots with a small American flag tag on the side. It turned out those were a pair of Thorogoods American Heritage Moc Steel Toe boots in crazy horse brown. They are handmade in Wisconsin.

I’ve only had them for a few weeks but I can already tell they are 100% a work boot. Not only that, they can also be used to stay casual and wear for a daily shoe as well. Right out of the box, they are comfortable and fit right to my feet. I typically don’t wear a wide, but went with a 11EE at Hayes Shoes , the local shoe store in Bowling Green.

Why did I choose Thorogood?

I wanted a hand made solid boot. I wanted a boot that was made in the United States of America. Thorogood’s are just that. The construction and durability of the Thorogood Moc Toe Boot is outstanding and something all boot manufacturers should strive for.

Why would someone need a pair of work boots?

At some point in everybody’s lives, there comes a time when we have to do a little heavy work or fix things around the house. Whether it’s remodeling a home like we are doing, cutting down a tree or even just raking leaves around the house. You don’t need to wear your nice kicks that have little protection of your feet while you’re working outside. Invest in something handmade that’s worth the money to protect your feet.

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